Wavefront Artist Residency


The WAVEFRONT ARTIST RESIDENCY is an international artist residency exchange partnership between ESS and soundpocket, a sonic arts organization based in Hong Kong. Since the program began in 2015, soundpocket has sent four artists—DAVE CHOW, CHER NG CHUN-TUNG, MARK CHUNG, and SAMSON CHEUNG—to spend a month as artists-in-residence at ESS, and ESS has sent Chicago artists DAVID BOYKIN and SARA LUDY to spend a month in Hong Kong.

Current Artist-in-Residence: Dave Chow

Dave CHOW Yui-wang was born in Hong Kong in 1993 and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, where he received his Bachelor Degree in 2015.

He is especially interested in the symbolic meaning and the physicality of things. His works display and distill his everyday experience through appropriating, transforming and assembling ready-made objects.