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Florasonic: Stephan Moore Performance at Lincoln Park Conservatory

  • Lincoln Park Conservatory 2391 North Stockton Drive Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)


Florasonic: Stephan Moore Performance at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Join us Sunday, Jan 21st at 2pm in the Lincoln Park Conservatory fern room for a special performance by composer and sound artist, Stephan Moore. He'll be performing along to his installation, A Grid Against the Sky, in the fern room on his Wall of Metals. Moore will be joined by musicians Hanna Brock and KG Price.


 A Grid Against the Sky

Installation open until Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Florasonic Opening
December 10th

Daily, 9am-5pm



A Grid Against The Sky aims to fill the interior volume of the Fern Room at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, organizing the air molecules into evolving cross-hatched patterns. These patterns are determined by the complex harmonics of a set of conjoined metal instruments called the Wall of Metals. Pre-recorded performances of the Wall are slowed down, reversed, and otherwise mixed and manipulated in real time, continuously. This project is a response to the harmonies and dissonances that hover in the balance between the room’s architecture and its fragile, organic contents.  Stephan Moore acknowledges the talent, labor, assistance, and support of Alex Inglizian, KG Price, Hanna Brock, Noah Modie, and Sarah Warren, which were essential to the creation of this piece.