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OSCILLATIONS: Jon Mueller, Jeff Kolar

"…there is nary a more inventive drummer on the indie rock circuit today than Jon Mueller."

Within a 40 minute solo performance of percussion and voice, using a hand-made Arabic bass drum and looped wordless vocals, Jon Mueller conjurs world music and sound while remaining very particularly other worldly. Drawing from minimalism and a variety of musical and non-musical disciplines, including meditation, trance, and physical stamina, Mueller’s solo performances have been described by audiences as resilient, intense, and meditative.

The aim of Mueller’s solo performance is to engage an audience in listening practice by creating a variety of input both recognizable and not, understood and not, which causes a unique experience in each individual.

Chicago sound artist Jeff Kolar will perform Ringtones (2012) and GSM Buzz (2013), two works that explore the sonic potentials of cellular telephones.

Ringtones is a set of 34 operative ring tones produced specifically for use by mobile telephones. The audio addresses the compositional structures of ring tones and their functional use as transmission indicators.

GSM Buzz is an audible investigation of electromagnetic interference patterns between mobile phones and computer speakers. GSM Buzz captures bursts of electromagnetic radiation when mobile devices connect to cellular towers