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Hosler/Dimuzio/Schmidt & Wobbly

We are thrilled to present an evening of improvisations in quadraphonic sound by four pioneers in sampling and electroacoustics, including founders of Matmos and Negativland:

Mark Hosler - founder of Negativland - public speaker - political activist - pioneering plunderphonic electroacoustic composer - pre-school teacher - "NOISE" ARTIST! - 34 years in sound art

Thomas Dimuzio - synthesist - guitarist - mastering engineer - dog owner - Buchla user - 33rd level Wizard bug destroyer at Digidesign - supreme collaborator - "NOISE" ARTIST! - 25 years in sound art

M.C. Schmidt - housewife - record shop janitor - founder of Matmos - video artist - "NOISE" ARTIST! - 28 years in sound art

Wobbly - electro acoustic music scholar - plunderphonic sampler - multi-channel sound engineer at Dolby Labs - victim of "tennis elbow" - "NOISE" ARTIST! - 23 years in sound art

Hosler and Dimuzio will play solo sets and M.C. Schmidt and Wobbly will play as a duo.