ESS Sound Lab: Synthesizer Modeling With Ableton 9

ESS Sound Lab: Synthesizer Modeling With Ableton 9

from 5.00

July 7th, 12:00pm

This workshop will be led by MT Coast.

The workshop will cover modeling synthesizers and synthesizer components in Ableton Live 9.  Specifically, we will build a Juno-60, an Elektron Analog 4, and an Intellijel Plonk. First we will use sample-based synthesis to approximate a Juno-60 as an Ableton Instrument Rack. Next we will use chains to build presets for our new Juno-60 instrument.  Once we have a good feel for building chains, we will explore using chains to build an approximation of the Elektron Analog 4. For the final segment of the class, we will use instrument racks, chains and Max for Live to approximate an Intellijel Plonk. During all of this, we will discuss the uses of these techniques for recording, performance and prototyping.

Participants will need a laptop with Ableton installed and headphones.  Midi controllers are welcome and encouraged. Ableton 9 Pro or later is preferred, but I will try to accommodate folks with earlier versions or versions that do not include the Pro features. Max for Live will be used to construct the final instrument, but attendees without Max for Live will still be able to build the instrument and approximate the automation.  Max for Live is only a small part of it.

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