Studio Campaign



Support Experimental Sound Studio’s first comprehensive recording studio equipment build-out.


Throughout ESS’s history we have been fortunate to piece together a quality studio through the generosity and expertise of our community and staff. With this patchwork collection of equipment, ESS still produced professional recordings of:

Control Room & Studio A, 2009

Control Room & Studio A, 2009

1,500+ artists and groups

in over

3,500 recording sessions and public performances.

Over the past 5 years ESS has recorded an average of

300 artists in

250 recording sessions

and 70 public performances

per year.

ESS’s studios are core to the organization’s mission, not only serving as an important resource for musicians, filmmakers, and artists in our community, but also giving ESS the ability to professionally document sonic arts and experimental music in Chicago (over three decades worth at this point!).

By upgrading to a new, cohesive system, ESS not only improves its current resources, but also greatly increases its capacity to continue growing and improving in the future. 

Engineering at Experimental Sound Studio was an incredibly formative time in my career as a producer and an artist. I was a staff engineer between 2006-2010, and briefly filled the role of studio manager as well. My time at ESS opened my ears and mind in innumerable ways, introducing me to a diverse community of musicians, artists and film-makers. Working in the studios at ESS refined my technical and philosophical approaches to recording, and I learned mastering and sound-for-film techniques that I still employ to this day. 

I am pleased that ESS plans to upgrade Studio A. With such a vibrant group of people working there and a characterful, lovely-sounding live room, it’s exciting to think of the improved quality of recordings that an equipment update would provide. Much of the studio’s gear has been repurposed from live sound usage or donated from employees or members of the community; I personally donated an 8-channel preamp/converter in 2006 which is still in use. A concerted effort to improve the centerpieces of Studio A would do wonders not only for ESS from both a business and creative standpoint, but for its patrons who wish to record and experience the incredible range of projects that pass through the studio doors. 

- Jonathan Schenke (producer/artist/studio owner, Brooklyn, NY)