Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices Cassette Package

Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices Cassette Package


The fifth and most conceptually broad iteration of Ten x Ten, ‘Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices’ brought together 10 notable Chicago artists who have robust practices in both visual art and music. By considering questions about boundaries and location, Ten x Ten 2017 investigated Chicago neighborhood identities, urban change, and comfort in space and place.

Five artist pairs collaborated over several months to each create a two-part work that includes a song or audio piece and an 18” x 18” screen print. The results of these partnerships were released with a concert and gallery exhibition at Experimental Sound Studio on Saturday, September 9th.

The cassette features sonic works by each Ten x Ten artist pairing as well as a fold out booklet with their coinciding prints and descriptions of their works.

Featured artists pairs for Ten x Ten Dual Practices are:

Melina Ausikaitis / Ambrosia Bartošekulva
Mark Booth / Deidre Huckabay 
Cathy Hsiao / Damon Locks
Lou Mallozzi / Joseph Clayton Mills
Allen Moore / Sadie Woods

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