Outer Ear Residency

Outer Ear Residency

The Outer Ear Residency (OER) is a week-long residency at Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) in which all of the Studio’s resources and platforms are made available to the artists. The goal of the residency is to facilitate experimentation and the creation of new work at any phase of the creative process. The Residency is purposefully open and flexible, allowing artists to work with ESS staff on an approach that best serves their present artistic goals.

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OE Artists-in-Residence Spring 2018


OLIVIA BLOCK and JULIA HOLTER will spend a week in the ESS studios creating and recording new work. Their residency culminates in a premiere performance:

Whenever the Breeze

Sunday, June 2, 3pm

May Chapel at Rosehill Cemetery

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OLIVIA BLOCK is a media artist and composer. She creates scores for orchestra and chamber groups, studio-based sound art compositions for releases and concerts, site-specific multi-speaker installations and sound design for cinema. Her compositions include field recordings, amplified objects, chamber and orchestral instruments, and electronic textures. She performs her pieces for inside piano, pipe organ, amplified objects, shortwave radio, and many other sound-making materials. Feature articles about Block have been published in The Wire, NPR’s Morning Edition, MusicWorks, The Chicago Reader, Fluid Radio, and many others. Block tours internationally and resides in Chicago, IL. Her latest LP release, Dissolution, is currently published on Glistening.

JULIA HOLTER is a composer, performer, and recording artist based in Los Angeles. Her interest in the mysteries of the sonic atmosphere has compelled her to record in various settings--in her home, outside with a field recorder, and in professional studios—as well as to perform live, often with a focus on the voice.