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Institutional Membership


Institutional Membership gives basic ✭ Level membership to all students or employees affiliated with an institution. Students additionally receive FREE admission to most performances.

Please contact Olivia Junell at for more information and to join.

Your contribution impacts ESS on a daily basis. For example:

$5/month or $40/year supports:

  • CAA database hosting for one quarter

  • Supplies for every attendee to one workshop

  • Transcription of one interview for publication

  • 72 La Croixs for artists in the Green Room

$17/month or $150/year supports:

  • Keeping the lights on and equipment powered up for 1 month

  • Half the funding for one commission of new work for Florasonic

  • Production of one full-length video + excerpt for the public, artist use, and archive

  • Travel for one US-based artist to Chicago for a residency

$25/month or $250/year supports:

  • Fair W.A.G.E. certified artist fees for one OPTION performer. Each performance is open to the public, live streamed online, archived on YouTube and in CAA, and professionally recorded for use by the artist in whatever way they see fit.

$65/month or $500/year supports:

  • 30 hours of recording time, provided free to artists-in-residence developing new work

  • One entire Audible exhibition

  • Two Creative Audio Archive Listening Session playlists, which are each used in a public event, submitted to DRAM, released as podcasts, and included in select issues of Sound American