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Florasonic: Sara Ludy: 'Climates'

  • Lincoln Park Conservatory 2391 North Stockton Drive Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)
Lincoln Park Conservatory Fern Room

Lincoln Park Conservatory Fern Room


ESS is proud to present Sara Ludy's newest installation, Climates, at the the Lincoln Park Conservatory Fern Room. The installation runs from July 9th-November 26th, 2017.

Exhibition Hours

Daily, 9-5pm

"After 3 days of having a fever of nearly 104, I decided to meditate as an attempt to lower it. Instead of tuning into the sound of my breath, I tuned into the amplified tinnitus that was ringing in my ears. For 2 hours I listened to what sounded like swarming insects, ocean waves, binaural tones and buzzing oscillations. After that time, the tinnitus subsided and my temperature fell back to normal.


By tuning into the subtleties of these inner vibrations, I healed myself. Climates is inspired by this experience, where the Fern Room becomes a feverish environment in which the listener experiences an otherworldly tinnitus simulation. By processing recordings of loud mechanical sounds found throughout Chicago, Climates reclaims the cause of much annoyance to offer an alternative soundscape through which one may contemplate the transformative nature of introspection."

-Sara Ludy


Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy is a Chicago based artist working with video, animation, VR, sculpture, installation, sound, photography, performance and the internet. Her practice investigates the confluence of the physical and virtual and how presence and the uncanny manifest when polarities are collapsed. Past exhibition of her work includes the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Vancouver Art Gallery, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, bitforms gallery, Honor Fraser, Carroll Fletcher and Ludy’s work has been featured in Modern Painters, The New York Times, Art Forum, Art in America and Cultured Magazine.

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