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GALLERY HOURS: 'The Shaping Light'

  • ESS 5925 North Ravenswood Avenue Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)




Experimental Sound Studio's Audible Gallery is pleased to present The Shaping Light, an exhibition of new visual works by ROB MAZUREK. The Shaping Light is Mazurek's first solo gallery exhibition in Chicago.

Internationally acclaimed musician and composer Rob Mazurek has maintained a serious visual arts practice for many years. In both the musical and visual realms, his output is prolific, focused, expansive, evocative, nuanced, and explosive. For The Shaping Light, Mazurek presents new works that represent his full range of visual arts practice: installation, sculpture, and two-dimensional pieces that incorporate neon light, metal, collage, and paint. For those familiar with his music, the attitude, sensibility, and craft in his visual work will come as no surprise, exuding the same combination of neo-expressive clarity and dense materiality, sometimes in corrosive collision, at other times in stark harmony. Gesture is paramount: Mazurek's hand is always apparent, always engaged - like his cornet sound, in which one feels the body intimately shaping the melody, his visual works embody breath and hand shaping light, surface, color and line. The Shaping Light also shapes the space, extending from Audible Gallery's intimate warmth through the building's interior and outside along the roof and garden. Recalling some of Mazurek titles, these pieces loop and holler through the space in a fluid syncopated trip like a New Orleans second-line strut.

In conjunction with The Shaping Light, ESS is presenting three concerts by Rob Mazurek with invited guests, and Psychotropic Electric Eel Dream IV, a four-channel sound composition for the ESS Florasonic sound installation series at Lincoln Park Conservatory.



Florasonic at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Psychotropic Electric Eel Dream IV

On view: Sunday April 2 - June 30