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Grykes is Shawn Decker and Mark Booth. Grykes utilizes analog modular synthesis, raw and processed field recordings, electronics, pre-­composed ambient textures, violin, guitar, and audio collage in their live performances. Their open form works have a fixed progression and structure, and a closed set of materials, but are variable in the details of live performance. Grykes is named for the unusual fissures in the limestone pavements of the Burren, Ireland that support arctic, Mediterranean, and tropical flora in the same ecosystem.

Mark Booth is an interdisciplinary artist, sound artist, writer, and musician. His work in text, image, and sound explores the material qualities of language, as well as the ways that language functions (and does not function) to describe human experience. Having learned to read and navigate the world as a dyslexic, Booth uses his work to make sense of his own disjointed experience with words and meaning. His art is simultaneously grandiose in scope (attempting (and failing, of course) to describe the entire spectrum of human existence) and comically quotidian. Booth is on the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited and performed his work in Chicago, nationally, and internationally in a variety of known and obscure venues.

Shawn Decker is a composer, artist, and teacher who creates sound and electronic media installations and writes music for live performance, film, and video. His work is positioned at the intersection of music composition, the visual arts, and performance, using physical and electronic media to investigate, simulate and praise the natural (and unnatural) worlds.


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