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OSCILLATIONS: Rested Field / JCSpaceRadio

Rested Field is a Boston-based experimental trio, invested in exploring alternative modes of music-making that integrate both deterministic and improvisatory strategies. Taking their name from agricultural allegory, Rested Field fosters an interdisciplinary action, striving to cultivate meeting-places for the creative practices of its participants, collaborators, and peers. Rested Field is Chuck Furlong(clarinet, electronics), Clifton Ingram (guitar, electronics), and Daniel Lewis (percussion, electronics). 

Rested Field’s deep roots in common-era and contemporary concert music, improvisational traditions, as well as avant-garde and experimental practices come together to inform their democratic process. This emphasis on inclusivity of means and aesthetics finds the use of text, graphic, and standard notations on equal footing with improvisatory and aleatoric practices; all these elements are used simultaneously/modularly with the intent of presenting their music as a physical experience, tying it to a specific time and place. Formed in 2015, Rested Field has performed across the greater Boston area, having been featured on the stages of Gallery 263, The Green Room, Nave Music Series, Opensound, and Third Life Studio.

JCSpaceRadio will present a frequency sculpture using light, live radio broadcast, and movement scores exploring electromagnetic energy at the physical level. Part performance lecture, part dance, and part meditation – we will put you in our sonic womb and hold you close.

JCSpaceRadio is a mobile immersive durational installation addressing the ongoing inhabitation of transmission frequencies. Our contemporary landscape is inundated with a constant barrage of digital frequencies. Broadcasts from JCSpaceRadio are transmissions of tones attuned to natural bodily frequencies, supplementing depleted alpha, beta, delta, and theta wave resources. The project was conceived in December 2015 as a result of continued intellectual engagement and a desire to challenge cultural norms of communication and perception. JCSpaceRadio is a 2meter short wave radio station engineered by Jenn Cooper and Christine Shallenberg, who met while completing graduate studies at the School of the Art Institute between 2012-2014.

Beer provided by Revolution Brewing