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SUMMERSONIC: Dead Rider / Spires That in the Sunset Rise / Bruce Lamont

Todd Rittmann, infamous from his daze in U.S. Maple, is a guitar warrior with intensive craft at his fingertips. For the past five years, he's been furthering his reputation by doing further damage with his instrument and others, and by spreading the carnage wide with Dead Rider (Matthew Espy - drums, White Christmas - bass/synth, and Todd Rittmann - guitar/vox/harmonica). It's all-out entertainment. Dead Rider move relentlessly around the borders of their sound, finding new textures throughout, which act as candy to our ears - future candy, like Day-Glo Good & Plenty in a variety of flavors approximating the savory taste of hair on flesh, the sweet smell of sub-gases and the ambivalence in the aroma of a cube of clear gelatin bombarded with micro-currents.

Sure, it's rock and roll music, and it's good fun - but Dead Rider isn't happy unless Dead Rider is reconfiguring sonic relationships, imagining the sound of a rock band reshaped into a gleaming spectacle, indulging in silly glove songs, delirious business, sweat-swapped juvenile fantasias. Lurching from pole to pole, pausing mid-stop, leaping and bursting into a double-twist and then resolving into a sweet glide; the dust they kick up in this fracas glitters gold, spicing the recipe with elevated powders of perception, deflecting metallically, hip-hoptically, free and jazzy, operatic, electronic, flashing like squad-car rollers.

Since 2001, Spires That in the Sunset Rise has released seven full length albums, Beasts In The Garden (2015), Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part 2 (2012), Ancient Patience Wills It Again (2012), Curse The Traced Bird (2008), This Is Fire (2006), Four Winds The Walker (2004), and their first self-titled (2003). Having once been a collaboration of up to five women all hailing from Decatur, Illinois, the music is now the more intimate expression of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson. The instrumentation remains varied and eclectic, toying with certain traditions but never fully embracing one. STITSR remains a truly unique vision of the personal and mystical and is not for the casual listener. Since its formation, STITSR have shared bills with John Zorn, Espers, The Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch, Lichens, Paul Metzger, Charlambides, Pelt, MV/EE, Faun Fables, Six Organs of Admittance, Larkin Grimm, Arrington Dionyso, Melissa Nadler, Lucky Dragons, Jack Rose, Kawabata Makoto, Daniel Higgs, Nautical Almanac, Samara Lubelski, P.G. Six, Mayor Daley, Old Time Relijun, Josef Van Wissem, and others.

Frontman of Chicago experimental metal band Yakuza, Bruce Lamont brings a wide swath of influences to his solo work. Augmenting his saxophone playing with hypnotic chants, folk guitar, and metal distrotion, Lamont has become a mainstay in the areas of the Chicago music scene where metal, jazz, and experimental music intersect. In addition to Yakuza, Lamont has performed and recorded with Ken Vandermark, Nahtmystium, Minsk, Wrekmeister Harmonies, and more.

Beer generously supplied by our friends at Lagunitas Brewing Company.