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OUTER EAR: Isabelle Duthoit / Franz Hautzinger

Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit have been working together for a few years now to create abstract music in which breath becomes texture, material, and sound. They push the boundaries of their microtonal instruments (voice and trumpet, respectively) to the extreme, using timbre to create space, form, and structure.

Isabelle Duthoit studied classical music in the CNSM de Lyon with Jacques Di Donato. She soon developed a focus on contemporary music, and has since collaborated with several composers. She has been honing her unique vocal palate since 2000, influenced by primitive, preverbal sounds and screams. Duthoit is a frequent collaborator in international theatre and dance projects, and co-directed Fruits de Mhere, a festival of experimental music, dance, and cinema, with Jacques Di Donato between 1995 and 2005.

Franz Hautzinger is one of the most prolific experimental musicians of the Austrian scene, leading many of his own ensembles (Regenorchester, Gomberg, Dachte Musik), and collaborating with such avant garde luminaries as Keiji Haino, Hamid Drake, Jaaldeen Tacuma, Elliot Sharp, Otomo Yosihide, Butch Morris, Lou Reed, Zeitkratzer, Derek Bailey, Phil Niblock, and many more.


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