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Alice Hargrave: 'Untitled (expeditions)'

Untitled (expeditions) is a series of images exploring moments on the periphery of the chaos of daily life. The work brings to the fore images of memories or reflections on the passage of time, and wanderings of not only place but mind. The photographs are an amalgam of moods, colors, and emotions—images steeped in the tones of memory, loss, and a visceral sublime. Hargrave injects the work with subjectivity through the liberal manipulation of color and color processes, investigating how fugitive photographic substrates literally color memory.

Curated by Sandra Binion.



Friday, September 5, 6-9PM

Special performance by WILL FABER (of El is a Sound of Joy) at 7



09.06-10.12, Saturdays & Sundays, 1–5pm

or email to schedule an appointment


About the Artist

Alice Hargrave is a photographic artist and educator; she has had several one-person and group exhibitions, including at The Chicago Cultural Center, Yale University Art Gallery, Smart Museum of Art, Tweed Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Klein Art Gallery, and Carol Ehlers Gallery who represented her. Her work is represented in many collections such as The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Nuveen Corporation, Outer Circle Corporation, and Rush Presbyterian Hospital. Hargrave has received many awards and has been published and reviewed in several journals. She has been a professor at Columbia College, Chicago since 1994.


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