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Jeff Kowalkowski Trio / Dos Hongos

ESS is pleased to present a free afternoon concert in the garden* by two groups of improvisers: the Jeff Kowalkowski Trio (with Harrison Bankhead, bass; Avreeayl Ra, drums), and Dos Hongos (Marc Riordan, piano; Jacob Wick, trumpet). The concert, open to the public, is also the final stop on the West Edgewater Area Residents annual Garden Walk.


*Should the weather prove inclement, the performances will take place inside the studio.


About the Artists

Prolific composer and pianist Jeff Kowalkowski has put together a supergroup of sorts with bassist Harrison Bankhead & drummerAvreeayl Ra. They are currently playing a number of gigs around town in preparation for a recording session at ESS later this summer.

Dos Hongos (Two Fungi) is an improvising duo that comprises two thirds of Tres Hongos (Three Fungi), an improvising trio of Marc Riordan (piano), Frank Rosaly (percussion), and Jacob Wick (trumpet). Tres Hongos was formed on a spring or fall night in 2011, or possibly a fall evening in 2010, after a lengthy discussion at Longman & Eagle, a popular bar in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. After establishing an initial rapport, the trio embarked on several performances in Chicago and Madison, WI, as well as a southeastern tour in the summer of 2012. Tres Hongos, as a trio, explores long and short form improvisation that draws influences from a wide range of sound and music traditions, characterized by sudden, playful shifts between static harmonies and tones, modular melodies, pointillistic interplay and dense, percussive assaults. Much like Warren Oates's character "GTO" in the classic film Two Lane Blacktop, Tres Hongos excels at shifting between a variety of characters and personal histories, quickly evacuating past identities and easily sliding into new ones. Tres Hongos, known popularly as "three modern musicians in suits," has released one recording, Where My Dreams Go to Die (2012), a split release from Prom Night Records and Molk.

Dos Hongos is a more serious affair.