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NRRF B Radio: The Electric Earth

The Frosty and Frothy NRRF Pirates have found themselves and their trusty schooner locked on a course DUE SOUTH owing to a badly malfunctioning compass. As they approach what appears to be the frozen, southern polar landmass, they suddenly discover that their ship is no longer moving. This episode begins with the crew celebrating 'nothing to do' as they are immobilized by the pack ice, so they decide to sing songs while quickly finishing off the rum. In their stupor, the crew encounters one very smelly and dreadfully lost Ijiraq which causes them to vacate the boat and wander off on to the ice where they experience many strange sensations and illusions: an unsettling shift in gravity, rings around the sun, a very convincing fata morgana, and several frightening aural hallucinations, all of which confuse them further. As they press forward to nowhere, the ice and permafrost begins to give way under their feet. Is this an earthquake? Is the land melting away? Eventually the crew finds magnificent caverns filled with magic energy crystals that seem to be connected to a giant electric ray transmitter. What is this strange world? A mirage? Madness? A secret military installation? Or the solution to the world's fossil fuel addiction? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT THE ANSWERS TO THESE AND MANY OTHER PRESSING QUESTIONS like, how can one Ijiraq be so smelly? What is a fata morgana? Is it really ever a good idea to drink that much rum?


About NRRF: B Radio

NRRF: B Radio is a collaborative effort to make unlicensed neighborhood radio art. NRRF mashes b-list genres with radio art to structure the improvisational nature of the shows. It’s live radio, streamed, with special guests and live audience. The core group consists of Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Steve Germana, Jeff Kolar, and Peter Speer.



Later Event: April 17