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KINOSONIK #1: Joseph Clayton Mills & Marvin Tate

In collaboration with Chicago Film Archives and Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, ESS presents KINOSONIK, a pilot project of live music/sound performances with cinema. Two pairs of collaborating sound/music artists, selected by ESS, will each spend 4 to 6 weeks studying and working with several short films selected from CFA’s extensive vault. The artist pairs—Tomeka Reid & Olivia Block and Marvin Tate & Joseph Clayton Mills—have been selected because of their substantive and exemplary artistic accomplishments to date, their commitment to risk-taking exploratory approaches to sound and music, their long-standing experience in collaboration, and their interest in integrating their various sonic approaches with moving image.

Structured as two mini-residencies, the pilot program results in two live performances by each pair, one at BCH and one at ESS. For audiences, it promises to be a rare and deeply engaging experience of live sound with cinema, given the unique and sophisticated talents of the artists, and their commitment to rigorous improvisational and compositional approaches.

KINOSONIK is made possible by an Artstour & Live Music grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

with live sound scores by JOSEPH CLAYTON MILLS & MARVIN TATE

Saturday, November 15th at 8pm
at Experimental Sound Studio

Sunday, November 16th at 4pm
at Black Cinema House
(7200 S Kimbark Ave)


Seating is for the BCH show is limited, so we ask that attendees RSVP in advance.
Please note that we cannot guarantee seats for attendees who do not RSVP.