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Throughout its 30-year history, CHEER-ACCIDENT has (by turns) voraciously/ irreverently/earnestly taken on (in) dissonant complexity, quiet melodic melancholia, free improvisation, inventive pop, and "pointless theatrics"—sometimes within a single song. Remarkably, these seemingly disparate elements never result in gratuitous eclecticism or pastiche, but somehow always manage to manifest in a rich, integrated potpourri. Continuing to change up its personnel depending on "the task at hand," on this day CHEER-ACCIDENT will comprise Jeff Libersher (guitar, vocals, trumpet); Thymme Jones (piano, vocals, drums, trumpet); Evelyn Davis (piano innards, vocals); Dante Kester (bass); and D. Bayne (keyboards). Within two weeks after this performance, the quintet will fly across the ocean to take part in the Rock In Opposition Festival in Carmaux, France with the likes of Faust, Univers Zero, and Soft Machine.

kranky band Implodes is the Chicago-based quartet of Ken Camden, Emily Elhaj, Matt Jencik, and Justin Rathell. Their take on shoegaze is dark, funereal, and deadly serious, as evidenced by their critically acclaimed new release Recurring Dream; described as “sinister” and “nocturnal” by Pitchfork, the record is dense and atmospheric, featuring effects-laden guitars, distant vocals, and synth drones over Rathell’s hypnogogic and persistent drumming.