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FLORASONIC: Coppice: 'Droopy'

July 14 – November 10, 2013

Opening reception


Sunday 14 July 3PM-5PM

Fern Room, Lincoln Park Conservatory
2391 N Stockton Dr., Chicago

What you'll hear in the Fern Room is Droopy, a composition by the Chicago duo Coppice (Noé Cuellar and Joseph Kramer). These musicians use acoustic and electronic instruments, with a focus on bellows instruments that are driven by airflow, such as accordion and pump organ. In Droopy, they concentrate on exhalation and the decay of breath to produce sounds that taper off in pitch and volume, recalling the drooping shapes of many of the plants in the Fern Room, and the heat and humidity that pervade it.


About the Artists

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer) is a Chicago-based duo of bellows and electronics. Since its formation in 2009, Coppice has produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings, uncovering sonic textures and compositional ideas that are peculiar to their unique instrumentation.