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OUTER EAR: Ed Herrmann

Ed Herrmann will perform Beneath the River, a ritual sonic immersion inspired by and created from the sounds of the Rockefeller Chapel carillon—one of the largest musical instruments in the world, comprising 72 bronze bells spanning six octaves with a total weight of over 100 tons —along with gongs, tam-tams, and scrap metal; presented through a four-channel sound system with live electronics, and vocals by Laurie Amat.

Composer/performer Ed Herrmann has composed music for dance, theater, and broadcast, created audio tours for museums throughout the country; and produced radio features on a variety of subjects. Ed currently produces podcasts for the Poetry Foundation. His sound design for the Chicago History Museum's Lincoln Transformed exhibit won the American Association of Museums Gold Award for best audio tour in the country for 2009, and his online audio guides are part of Openlands Lakeshore Preserve. Ed's Cretaceous Chorus, a sound installation for the ESS Florasonic series at Lincoln Park Conservatory, is available on CD. An album of his soundscapes, Wake Up and Hear the Roses is available from iTunes.