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SLEEPER: An experimental haunted house

This is no ordinary haunted house. Inside SLEEPER, guests will be challenged to confront and befriend their own deepest fears, interact with otherworldly beings, and determine their own destiny. Descend into dreamstate and emerge transformed. Enjoy live musical performances, costumes, candy, games, and more. All ages welcome.

Warning: strobe lights will be used at the event.

Concept and execution by Lyra Hill and Grace Needlman, in collaboration with the Teen Creative Agency at MCA Chicago.


Musical performances by:
Matchess (Whitney Johnson)
Night Terror (Tyson Torstensen)
Andy Costello
Dan Mohr

Kate Healy as the Guardian
Lyra Hill as Llama Man
John Harness as the Story Teller
Grace Needlman as the Cretin
Lori Felker as the Puppet Queen

Additional performances by: Kayla Aguilar, Marcus Bacerra, Sumayya Bisseret, Brian Byrne, Alanis Castano, Salome Chebaro, Deidre Corrigan, Nicole Del Rio, Mikayla Delson, Daniel Dempsey, Efrain Dorado, Kalina Gac, Bre'jah Jones, Camarri Lane, Freddy Levin, Richard Medina, Amaya Mensinger, Rough House, Cheyenne Ross, Leana Savoie, Ria Sylva, and Charly Warden

Saturday, October 31
$5 general
FREE for ESS members

Sponsored by Perrier