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Slow Sound Invitational Performance

Slow Sound features original instruments designed and constructed by John Preus, an artist, musician and woodworker. Each piece is made from scavenged furniture, including bedposts, headboards, tables and chairs; new works created specifically for this exhibition incorporate scraps collected from in and around ESS. Preus' profound appreciation for an object's physicality is 'slow' in the best possible sense: he respects the natural resources his raw materials are derived from, honors the sweat equity it took to fabricate them, and showcases their history and wear. By undoing these objects' obsolescence, Preus not only revives their utility, he re-invests in their social capital.

Preus has invited a selection of local musicians to perform at ESS using the instruments on view in the exhibit:

3:00-3:30: Aaron Shapiro & Mary Lawson
3:45-4:15: Marvin Tate, w/ Mikel Avery & John Preus
4:30-5:00: Matt Lux w/ Nora Grace Lux
5:15-5:45: Jeff Greene w/ John Preus & co.5:45-6:15: New Material (Mikel Avery, Leroy Bach, Tadd Cowen, John Preus)

Admission is free; refreshments will be available