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Alex Jen Reviews Sara Ludy's 'Climates'

Alex Jen review's Sara Ludy's Florasonic work, 'Climates'

Alex Jen is an independent curator and critic based in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He has written for Hyperallergic, Hiram Butler Gallery and ArtDesk, and is currently working on a piece considering space and texture in Robert Irwin's work for Domus. Past projects include an exhibition of sound and visual art by Brian Trelegan at Williams College, where Jen is also a student

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Singletrack: Tim Daisy

Tim Daisy’s The Glass House was a subtle work that contemplates the architecture of the Lincoln Park Conservatory. The piece, composed for vibraphone, cymbals, radio, and vintage turntables, is structured as four independent sections of different duration that play simultaneously from the four speakers in the Fern Room, guaranteeing a unique experience for each visitor. The Glass House was commissioned by ESS for its ongoing Florasonic series.

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