Michael Zerang on Queequeg's Coffin

Queequeg's Coffin.jpg

Queequeg’s Coffin is a droning stringed instrument that I created for Blair Thomas and Co.’s theatrical version of Moby Dick in early 2016, that was designed and fabricated by Erik Newman.

The instrument has the scale length of a full sized cello, with four strings that are vibrated by a circular, wooden wheel—the same mechanism that sounds a hurdy-gurdy. I have performed a series of studies for solo performer, designed to explore the instruments sonic and musical properties and potential, and act as the precursor to a full-length composition for the instrument.


Pilot:Drone:Committee:Target opens TONIGHT Friday, February 10, 2017 with a reception from 6-9pm, at which MICHAEL ZERANG will play Queequeg's Coffin in duet with The Androne.